Electricity is produced in power plants and transported to businesses and homes through the main transmission system and local distribution networks. Recent storms have brought to light the vulnerability of the ageing power network and society’s demands for reliable electricity distribution.

Cables for the power industry

The power companies have initiated large-scale renovations of the power networks, which will be completed in the coming years. By building power networks that are more resistant to extreme weather and demanding conditions, we can also ensure that society maintains its operating capacity.

6-35KV XLPE Insulated single core or three cores medium voltage cable

120mm2 150mm2 185mm2 XLPE insulated 15kv 11KV medium voltage cable

12/20kv 1x240mm2 aluminum armour cable xlpe cable

high voltage 500mm2 400mm2 xlpe insulated 11KV power cable


3 core 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 xlpe insulated armour cable

Medium Voltage 3 Core 120mm2 150mm2 copper armored electrical cable