Aluminum Conductor PVC sheath service entrance cable 2/0AWG 4/0AWG

Place of Origin:Hebei, China (Mainland)             Brand Name:Prisaman
Model Number:SE-R, SE-U, USE-2, USE             Insulation Material:XLPE
Type:Low Voltage                                                    Application:Underground
Conductor Material:Aluminum                             Jacket:PVC
Product name:Service-Entrance Cable                Color:Grey
Standard:UL44 UL83 UL854      Conductor:AA-8030 aluminum alloy conductors
Rated voltage:600V                                                    Sheath:PVC
Conductor Size:8AWG-1000kcmil                          Conductor Type:Stranded
Price:Factory Price


HUATONG Aluminum Service Entrance Cable Type SE, with rated voltage 600V, is used to transmit power from the junction box to the meter base and from the meter base to the distribution cabinet
It may be used in all applications where Type SE cable is permitted.Type SE cable could be used in dry or wet environmet at the working temperature not exceed 90C.


ASTM-B-800 and B-801
UL Standard 44 for XHHW-2
UL Standard 854 for SER/SRU
RoHS environmental conductive requirement

Product Charactors:

Conductor:AA-8030 aluminum alloy conductors
Insuation:Cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE) Insulation
Jacket: Sunlight resistant,moisture resistant and flame retardant
Temperature Range: Temperature of 90C in wet and dry locations
Environmental: Free of harmful heavy metals in compliance with ROHS
Voltage Rating:600Volt


The AA-8000 aluminum alloy conductor is applied in Type SER/SEU cable. Its insulated core is complied to the requirment of Type XHHW-2 in UL44. Insulation material is cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE) with characteristics of abrasion resistance,moisture proof and heat resisting.Meanwhile the insulation has the flame retardant property,which can meet FT2 level combustion test requirment. The outside of cable core should be wrapped a fibrage tape,both of the insulation wire core and outer sheathed can meet the 720h sunlight resistance requirment.

SER Cable’s phase conductors are identified by a colored stripe on the insulation.

3 conductor- Black and Black with Red Stripe
4 conductor- Black, Black with White Stripe, and Black with Red Stripe
5 conductor- Black, Black with White Stripe, Black with Red Stripe and Black with Blue Stripe.


    SE-U        SE-U.png

SE-R           SE-R.pngSER2.png